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Brush Up on Your Painting Skills with This Artist Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to loosen up your painting style? Paint with more freedom? Be more spontaneous? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser Abstract Painting Workshop is for you!

David M. Kessler will teach you how to use shape, value, color, edges, and center of interest to build a firm foundation and structure for your paintings. This workshop is not only about painting abstract compositions, but also about learning to loosen up and paint more freely - all who attend will be able to apply the lessons learned to their own style of painting in their studios!

It’s hard to leave home sometimes – trust us, we know. But Presbyterian Towers, the premier apartments in Decatur, Alabama, believes it is important to not only stay active in your community, but to also express curiosity about new subjects. This event is the perfect chance to spread your roots and learn new things!

Event Time/Date:
Thursday, August 10, 2017 – 9:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment
2211 Seminole Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35805

Decatur Workshop
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